Legal information

1. Legal information

In accordance with articles 6-III and 19 of the French Law entitled « Confiance dans l’Économie Numérique » (a French digital economy law) we shall inform you that:
This website has been published by Arengi, which is a simplified joint stock company (SAS) with a capital of 308.680 euros and based in 15, rue La Fayette 75009 Paris, France
Email address: – Phone number: + 33 (0)1 80 05 28 28 – RCS Paris 519 564 645
TVA number (number of value-added tax): FR 74 519 564 645
The publishing director of the “” website is Gilles Proust, the company’s CEO.


2. IT and Rights
In compliance with the modified French law n°78-17 from January 6th, 1978, related to the IT, files and rights, the website has been officially registered within the “Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés” (, under the following number: 1425717.

In compliance with the French law n° 78-17 from January, 6th,1978 related to the IT, Files and Rights, you dispose of the following rights: opposition (art. 26 of the French law), access (from art.34 to art. 38 of the French law) and rectification (art. 36 of the French law) of your personal data. In other words, you are allowed to ask for your personal data to be rectified, completed, updated or deleted if they are incorrect, incomplete, indeterminate, outdated or if it is forbidden to collect, use, communicate or keep them.


3. Personal data
In order to meet people’s needs and while you browse the website, Arengi might record some of your personal data, via IT tools (the fields indicated with an asterisk are mandatory).

It is your responsibility to verify that the information you provide us with on our website are correct and complete. This is the only way for us to be able to deal with your requests. Please don’t forget to inform us immediately of any modification that you might implement in the information you provided.

The information you provide us with are exclusively used by Arengi, who is allowed, unless you stand against it for legal reasons, to store and use them in order to keep you posted about our company’s services.

Arengi is also allowed to share this information with third party bodies or subcontractors, but only for management or prospection purposes, unless you stand against it.
You can object, without any expense, to the use of your personal data for prospecting goals.
In order to exercise your access, rectification and opposition rights, please contact us.

Our website is not designed to receive your personal and confidential data. Therefore, and except for the personal data mentioned above, none of the information, whatever it is (document, data, graph, question, suggestion, concept, comment or other) that you will share with us on the website will be considered confidential. In other words, the mere fact that you share this information with us gives us the right to use it, reproduce it, spread it, modify it or transmit it in order to deal with your quest.


4. Cookies
When you visit our website, you are informed that a connection indicator can get installed automatically on your browser. This is a block of data that is not used for identification purposes. Its goal is to record some information concerning your browsing on the website. This enables us to assess how many times the website has been visited and to measure the audience rate… in order to improve the website’s quality.

Your software’s parameters inform you about the presence of this connection indicator and you can even refuse it. To do so, here is what you have to do:

If you use Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x and 6.x click on “Tools” in the menu bar, then on “Internet Options”, choose the “Confidentiality” tab and move your mouse until you reach the security level that you want or click on the “Advanced” button, then on “Override automatic cookie handling” and tick the “Ignore” box or “Ask” for each column;
If you use Netscape Navigator 6.2: click on the menu bar “Edit”, then “Preferences”. Select “Confidentiality and security” then choose the “cookies” item and tick “Deactivate” or “Always ask me”;
If you use Mozilla Firefox 1.x and 1.5: click on “Tools” in the menu bar than on “Options”, choose the “Privacy” tab, then “Cookies” and un-tick the “Enable” box;
If you use Apple Safari: go in the menu “Safari>Preferences”, then click on the “Security” tab and click on “Only from consulted websites”.
In case the connection indicators are denied, some services won’t be available.


ARENGI, a subsidiary of SIACI SAINT HONORE, has produced this fact sheet to make it clear how we, or our partners, use cookies on our website. This fact sheet will also give you all the information you need to manage your consent to the cookies placed on your devices. This fact sheet may be updated, including for reasons of compliance with legal and regulatory developments, so we recommend checking it regularly.


Cookies are small files that are placed and stored on your devices (computer, tablet, mobile phone, etc.) to allow us to gather information on how you browse our website.


These are the different types of cookies we use on our website for the following purposes:

  • Functional cookies:

These cookies allow you to browse our website and use its various features. They include:

  • Session cookies.
  • Cookies required to ensure our website is secure, to prevent fraudulent access to your session, for example.

These cookies do not require your consent.

  • Preference cookies:

These cookies help personalize your browsing experience on our website by remembering your language, country and other preferences.

These cookies require your prior consent.

  • Web analytics cookies:

These cookies help us analyze your browsing and behavior on our website to identify any problems and improve our content, for example, by analyzing the pages you click on, how long you are logged in, the pages you are viewing when you leave our site, etc.

These cookies do not require your consent except in certain cases provided for by law (see the French Data Protection Authority (CNIL) website However, you can opt out at any time.

  • Advertising cookies:

These cookies help us provide you with relevant, personalized advertising content (in the form of banner ads) based on your browsing.

Our website also uses third-party cookies which will have access to your browsing data for the purpose of targeted advertising.

These cookies require your prior consent.

  • Social network cookies:

We offer you content sharing buttons via social networks (Facebook and LinkedIn). The publishers of these social networks may place cookies directly on your device to identify your browsing session on our website, even if you do not click on these buttons.

These cookies require your prior consent.


The above-mentioned cookies may be placed by us or by third-party partners, provided you have given your consent.

This means that these third parties may have direct access to your browsing data.

Below is a table showing the cookies placed on your devices and the corresponding third-party partners. We recommend reading their cookie policy directly on their website.


The duration of your consent depends on the particular cookie but under no circumstances can it exceed a maximum of 6 months. 


An information banner was displayed when you visited our website.

This banner asked you to accept all of our cookies reject them or customize how they are configured.

You can manage your consent at any time by clicking here.

If you have any questions, please contact our data protection officer at 


_grecaptcha Google This cookie is used to distinguish between humans and robots. This is beneficial to the website in order to create valid reports on their website use. 6 months
MCPopupClosed MailChimp Installed by MailChimp to remember if a message has been rejected. 1 year
__Secure-3PSIDCC  _Secure-3PSID et _Secure-3PAPISID Google Cookie provider: Cookie used for purpose targeting to profile the interests of the website visitor in order to display relevant and personalised Google ads. 2 years



Google The combination of these cookies allows you to block many types of attacks, such as attempts to steal the content of forms submitted to Google services. 2 years





This cookie stores user preferences and other information. This includes the preferred language, the number of search results to be displayed on the page and whether or not to enable Google’s SafeSearch filter.

The “APISID” cookie is used to play YouTube videos embedded in the website.

2 years
SIDCC Google Security cookie protecting the user’s data from unauthorised access. 3 months
CGIC Google This cookie improves the generation of Google search results through autocomplete based on the user’s initial query 6 months
bm_sz Mailchimp Functional cookie from Mailchimp to manage and control lists. 4 hours
1P_JAR Google Google advertising cookie used for user tracking and ad targeting (displaying personalised ads). 5 minutes
OTZ Google Analytics Cookie used by Google Analytics and Google+ that provides an overall analysis of site visitors 1 month
NID Google This cookie is used for retargeting, optimisation, reporting and attribution of online advertising. 6 months
_abck Mailchimp Akamai Bot Manager is a MailChimp security cookie that is used to analyse traffic and determine whether it is automated traffic generated by computer systems or by a human user. 1 year
CookieConsent Cookiebot Cookie Consent is a lightweight JavaScript plugin to alert users to the use of cookies on your website. It is designed to comply with European cookie law, the CCPA, the GDPR and other privacy laws 6 months
SEARCH_SAMESITE Google Cookie reducing the risk of attacks and information leakage by checking that requests are initiated from the same registrable domain. 6 months
ANID Google Cookie used for advertising on the web and stored in 2 years




Google Analytics Cookies tracking visits and visitors.

2 years for _ga

1 day for _gid and _gat

DV Google Analytics Cookie used to collect information about how visitors use our site, used to compile reports to help us to improve user experience. 1 day
ak_bmsc Mailchimp Cookie used to distinguish humans from robots. This is beneficial to the website in order to create valid reports on the use of websites. 1 day
jwplayer.volume JW Player Cookie used in conjunction with the video player. It records whether the user has turned off the volume and retains this setting on other video content viewed by the user. Persistent
jwplayerLocalld JW Player Cookie used to determine the optimal video quality based on the visitor’s device and network settings. Persistent
_mcid Mailchimp Cookie recording visitor data. The information is used to optimise the relevance of ads. 1 year
rc::a Google Cookie used to distinguish humans from robots. This is beneficial to the website in order to create valid reports on the use of the website. Persistent
rc::b Google Cookie used to distinguish humans from robots. Session
rc::c Google Cookie used to distinguish humans from robots Session
CONSENT Google Cookie that provides information about how the end user uses the website and any advertisements the end user may have seen before visiting the website. Persistent


5. Intellectual property
Arengi’s overall structure, its know-how, its texts, figures, animates images, non animated images, as well as all the other components of the website are Arengi’s exclusive property.

Any total or partial representation of this website, made by anyone without Arengi’s authorisation is strictly forbidden and would be considered as a forgery punished by article L. 335-2 and the followings from the Intellectual property Code.

Arengi’s label and logo are registered trademarks. Any identical or partly identical reproduction of this label or logo made without Arengi’s authorisation is then prohibited, in compliance with the Intellectual Property Code.


6. Responsibility
The hyperlinks established directly or indirectly by this website can lead the user towards external websites. Arengi is absolutely not responsible for the content of these websites.