Our partners

Our mission: to develop risk management! And since there’s strength in unity, we are partners of organisations that enable us to spread risk management in France among the community of intermediate-sized enterprises and SMEs and to share and enrich risk management practices around the world.

QBE – Risk management for SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises

To offer SMEs an approach perfectly adapted to their risk management needs, the insurer QBE and Arengi created QBE Risk Profile. The idea is simple: Arengi conducts risk mapping process founded by QBE for selected SMEs. In a condensated approach, we establish the diagnosis of the main risks and make suggestions for improvements. The rules of the game are clear: we make our expertise in risk management available to the beneficiary company, in a bilateral relationship with it. QBE and the broker team up at the kickoff, then at the end of the project through a meeting for the presentation of the main results. After the analysis, the company has two years of access to the secure QBE Risk Profile platform to update its mapping and put action plans in place. In other words, QBE Risk Profile kick starts enterprise risk management process.

More infos on webiste : QBE and on QBEriskprofile

Parima – Risk management in Asia Pacific

PARIMA unites the Asia-Pacific risk management community. Present in 13 countries of the region, the association provides its members with an opportunity for peer exchanges about their practices through online networking as well as periodic events and seminars. To offer the best to its members, PARIMA and Arengi have teamed up: Arengi gives testimonials on its expertise and experience during Parima events. In addition, at their request, Parima members gain access to Risk Starter, the free version of our ArengiBox RMIS. This partnership promotes cross-fertilisation between risk management practices from around the world.


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CLUB FRANCORISK – Risk management for the French-speaking community

Club FrancoRisk is an organisation of risk managers and players in this ecosystem (brokers, insurers, etc.) who, sharing the French language, also want to pool their risk management knowledge and practices. From Quebec to Côte d’Ivoire to Morocco, the Club unites French-speaking risk management professionals and promotes thinking about subjects of shared interest. Arengi is a partner of the Club and, when the opportunity arises, plays its role as risk management incubator!