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Arengi Maroc

Arengi has gone international! Arengi Maroc, based in Casablanca, is a subsidiary of the Arengi Group, the top independent consulting firm exclusively dedicated to risk governance. With its own employees, the firm capitalises on Argeni’s methods and approaches by adapting them to the specific needs and issues of Moroccan companies.

Arengi Marocco - Casablanca

Risk mapping

Arengi Maroc supports you in mapping your risks to identify and prioritise your organisation’s major risks. If you are a large Moroccan group seeking to secure your strategic focus and supplement the steering of your activities with a “risks” filter, this approach is for you!

ArengiBox RMIS

Our ArengiBox Risk Management Information System (RMIS) will make risk management implementation, steering and reporting easier for you. Available in SaaS mode (Software as a Service), ArengiBox enables your organisation to conduct its risk analyses, steer its action plans and lead a risk department. Ergonomic, intuitive and ready to use, ArengiBox is the accelerator for your risk management.

Specific approaches

If you are looking for more specific support, Arengi Maroc can assist you for more targeted risk themes, such as Health, Safety and Environment, by implementing risk repositories dedicated to this scope. Our teams can also assist organisations seeking ISO9001 certification in incorporating risk-based management into their processes.
These are just a few examples of our know-how. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to find out more about us.


Mohamed Tahiri : +212 (0)6 69 58 07 46
Arengi Maroc : Casablanca | 31, Angle rue Libourne et Route Ouled Ziane | 5ème Etage